About Us

With 18 years of online customer service excellence and a principal with over 38 years of industry experience, we promise to deliver high-quality and realistic star ceilings. As our products all use efficient digital control chips and long-lasting LED light sources with Fiber Optics, CineStarPanel™ star panels are conservatively rated to last 100,000 hours and should give many years of dependable service. We also strive to create realistic starfields by using 3 different diameter fiber-optic strands to simulate dim, medium and bright star effects, randomly positioned on the panel by skilled craftsmen to create a more natural looking sky. To make an even more authentic star presentation, we use alternating twinkling and static LEDs with the digital control chip, which is pre-installed inside each panel, for incredibly easy installation and many years of dependable operation.

We guarantee our star ceiling panels for 1 year. This warranty includes the digital light engine, consisting of all control chips (shooting stars have a separate chip, also covered) and the LED light source. The power transformers have a 90 day guarantee, but are very affordable to replace if they fail after that time. We will also help you, or your installer, with personal installation help with your project. We make sure that all CineStarPanel™ products are easy to install and will guide you through your project until completed. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and can't wait to hear from you!