CineStarPanel™ Advanced Features

Our Bluetooth Controller with an Android® or Apple® iOS app is available as a advanced solution for controlling your star effects, shooting star frequency, and optional LED perimeter lighting - all from your phone or tablet. We email instructions for either Android® or Apple® apps downloads free with controller purchase.

Our CineStarPanel™ Bluetooth® remote control app (controller required) allows you to adjust the twinkling pattern on our star panels, plus turns the starfield on and off. If you choose our popular shooting star option, you can adjust the firing frequency from 1, 2, 5 or 10 minute sequences, or turn the shooting star off - all from your cell phone or tablet. The app can also control our optional multicolor accent lighting with a color wheel, pre-set color buttons, dimming and fade sequences.

Click here to see a preview movie. (5MB Quicktime movie)

Shooting Stars

Our CineStarPanel™ Shooting Stars add a fabulous interactive effect to any panel. Our Standard Shooting Star options are a 5' long pattern on a single star panel, or an 8' pattern over 2 panels. The shooting star timing sequence is adjustable and includes 1, 2, 5, and 10 minute firing frequencies, as well as on and off, with purchase of our optional IR, RF, RS-232 or Wi-Fi controller (with free app).

As our Shooting Stars are purchased with our star ceiling panels, for pricing please contact us by visiting, or call 612-243-1000, for system pricing.


  • Constellations are available on a single star panel
  • The most popular constellation is the Big Dipper facing north
  • A constellation's size is determined by the surrounding star fiber density
  • Smaller constellations are about 1' x 1' patterns, with Medium constellations at @ 2' x 2' and Large constellations are up to 3' x 3'

Star Panel Constellations

 As Constellations must be purchased with our CineStarPanel™ star panels, please contact us by visiting, or call 612-243-1000, for system pricing.


Now with Bluetooth® control option available for our CineStarPanel™  products - Android® or Apple® iOS apps available.